Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Do’s and Don’ts of SEO Ahmedabad

Over the past few decades, Search engine optimization has made its special presence in the World Wide Web and will continue to do it for years to come. Often termed as SEO, it plays an important role in promoting your website as well as attracting clients at your website in an effective manner. Not to surprise, many of the companies have gained specialization in SEO Ahmedabad services are keen to helping different online companies in ranking their website in the search engine. “As in the web world More Traffic = More customers”, it becomes imperative that your appearance on the top search results of Google. And nothing can be better option than doing it with SEO.
However, our Google – our Internet Deity is really very smart, as the number of business are establishing their services online, the Google regularly updates its algorithms and terms, thereby making the online world more and more competitive. Every time a change occurs, it changes the work strategy of SEO consultants. It also puts more websites in danger of crossing penalties that will bump them from search rankings.

Fortunately, by paying close attention to the Google trends, and by following simple and effective do’s and don’ts optimization checklist you can go with the flow of online world easily and efficiently.

Content Quality-


Content is the king in SEO so make sure to create quality content which is readable, precise and up-to-date and must be written from the customer point of view. Plus, make sure to write content according to the content of website and must include appropriate keywords, graphics, photos or videos.


Make sure not to create the content which duplicate or plagiarized content. Never copy paste content from the websites. If you site have different service page, then write content for each page.

Website Design-


It plays an important role in ranking your website in the search engine. Hence, it must be user-friendly, SEO-friendly, interactive and easy to navigate so that customer can get around the site easily. It should be attractive, and have proper grammar, and appropriate arrangements of all the content that will make a visitor want to keep reading.


Website Design must not be too gaudy, or colours that don’t clash or have too many banners or crazy moving graphics. Be sure not to use frames either, as these tend to upset and confuse some readers.

Engage in Good Links Practice

  • Make sure to have a good content on your website that is shareable and easy to reference. This give rise to editorial links.
  • You can put these backlinks into articles you post in directories, on Facebook or other social media, on a blog as a guest writer, etc, in order to get maximum benefits.


Don’t buy links to your website

Remember not to use the links that are irrelevant or lead to pointless website.
Not to include the link database which is punished by Google’s Algorithm. 

Over stuff keywords


Properly used keywords attract more traffic to your websites, so make sure to optimize keywords correctly on your website and the content you are posting in directories or anywhere else. Make sure to do some research in your niche to find out what keywords are trending and are the most popular.


Too many keyword stuffed in a content is considered to be SPAM. Be careful not to overdo the use of keywords in your content.


In the nutshell, SEO is the typical and efficient process using which you can get more traffic and customers, but by using it in wrong you will lose them. Make sure to pay attention to these Do’s and Don’ts of SEO and take your website to top position. To know more, get in touch with SEO Ahmedabad experts.  

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